First International JDAM Sale: Boeing to Integrate Weapon on Israeli Aircraft

The Boeing Company has received an $8.2 million foreign military sales contract from the U.S. Air Force to integrate the Joint Direct Attack Munition on Israeli F-16 Peace Marble II & III aircraft. This contract marks the first international sale of JDAM.

Boeing will deliver and integrate JDAM test kits for Mk-84, 2,000-pound warheads onto the F-16. A production contract for an unspecified number of JDAM kits is expected later this year.

Boeing Military Aircraft and Missile Systems produces the JDAM in St. Charles, Mo. The program is currently in low-rate initial production but has orders from the U.S. government for approximately 16,000 kits.

In February, JDAM won the Flight International Aerospace Industry Award 2000 for military aviation at the Asian Aerospace air show in Singapore. The award was a significant accomplishment and recognizes JDAM's performance in operation Allied Force.



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