Condit Issues Statement on Permanent Normalized Trade Vote in U.S. Congress

Following is a statement from Boeing Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Phil Condit in reaction to today's vote by the U.S. House of Representatives on permanent normalized trade with China:

Today's vote by members of the House to establish "permanent normal trade relations" with China is a remarkable achievement that we hope the Senate will replicate in the days ahead. PNTR will help ensure economic growth and prosperity for both of our nations. It will help pave the way for China to join the World Trade Organization and, in so doing, will strengthen the rules-based, global trading system so essential to the future of all of us. It also will stabilize the U.S.-China relationship in ways that will create a solid foundation for resolving other important issues. The Administration and members of the House from both sides of the aisle deserve high praise for this truly historic accomplishment.



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