Boeing Global Advertising Campaign Rolls Out

The Boeing Company unveils the first phase of its global advertising campaign today. Consisting of TV and print ads created by Foote, Cone & Belding Worldwide, the business-to-business campaign is designed to position Boeing as a company well-equipped for the digital economy.

"We have a solid, global brand," said Phil Condit, Boeing chairman and chief executive officer. "And as we move into new businesses and services, our established brand awareness gives us a tremendous advantage. Our new advertising approach, coupled with other branding efforts, is about using this valuable intangible asset to further our business objectives."

The work will communicate the surprising breadth of the company, closing the gap between the public's perception of Boeing as an airplane manufacturer and its true scope as a global aerospace company. "The question we address in the campaign is 'What will tomorrow bring?'" said Judith Muhlberg, vice president of Communications. "The answers, at first, appear to be expected, but then immediately provide a surprising twist. Even those who track the company on an on-going basis will discover a product or service they didn't know about.

"The campaign themeline 'Forever New Frontiers' summarizes these answers and captures the essence of our heritage and future. Many companies are illustrating their role in the future using aerospace visuals. With this campaign, Boeing is claiming 'the space' that is rightfully ours. "In addition, the line captures the essence of our business so well that 'new frontiers' has become the term we use within the company to define our business growth focus objectives," said Muhlberg.

Follow-on phases of the campaign will build upon the first to position Boeing as the pre-eminent company in aerospace and emerging technologies in mobility and connectivity.

Boeing recently unveiled its business model to financial analysts with a three-pronged approach to run healthy core businesses, leverage core strengths and move into new frontiers.

Sixty- and 30-second television buys include CNN, CNN-International, CNN Financial News, Headline News, MSNBC, CNBC and Bloomberg. Wall Street Journal (WSJ), Financial Times, WSJ-Asia, WSJ-Europe, Handlesblatt and Nikkei Shimbun are the selected print avenues. In the future, media will be extended to additional print, outdoor and electronic venues.

McCann-Erickson, Los Angeles will continue to handle product advertising for Boeing.



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