Boeing Demonstrates Extended Range JDAM

The Boeing Company and the U. S. Air Force recently demonstrated an extended range Joint Direct Attack Munition at Eglin Air Force Base, Fla.

The JDAM flew 24 miles from an altitude of 20,000 feet to the notional target, a point above the ocean. To get the extended range, the Alenia-Marconi Systems diamondback wing kit was used. An Air Force F-16 launched the JDAM.

"We are very pleased with the results of the demonstration flight," said Carl Avila, Boeing JDAM program manager. "This type of system gives greater aircrew survivability through standoff range at low cost."

The flight's objective was to demonstrate the operation of the wing kit proving that a winged JDAM could be controlled and flown over an extended range. A second flight test is scheduled for next month.



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