Canadian Forces Purchase More Boeing Bushmaster Cannons

The Canadian government has opted to purchase an additional 181 Boeing 25mm M242 Bushmaster automatic cannons for the Canadian Army's Light Armored Vehicle project.

The contract is valued at more than $20 million and runs through April 2002. Delivery of the cannons will begin in May 2000. When the contract is complete, Boeing will have delivered 787 25mm M242 cannons to the Canadian Army.

"The Canadian government has been one of our most significant customers and is exercising an option for a contract that began several years ago," said Peter Roth, program manger for the 25mm M242 Bushmaster automatic cannon.

The first 25mm M242 Bushmaster automatic cannons were delivered for the LAV project in 1995.

The LAV is recognized as a world-class, modern armored personnel carrier and is an essential asset in the Canadian Army's modernization effort to support global peacekeeping operations.

The 25mm M242 Bushmaster automatic cannon is the primary armament on the U.S. Army's M2 and M3 Bradley Fighting Vehicles, the U.S. Marine Corps' LAV-25 light armored vehicle, MK 38 deck mounts on U.S. Navy patrol boats, and on a growing number of vehicles for international defense forces. The Boeing Company has delivered more than 10,500 Bushmaster cannons to customers worldwide.

The Bushmaster system, with integral dual feed, remote feed select and internal recoil mechanism, weighs 110 kgs. and fires between 100 and 400 shots per minute.



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