swisscontrol Purchases Aviation Simulation Software from the Preston Group

The Preston Group (TPG), a wholly owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company, has sold a second Total Airspace & Airport Modeller (TAAM) Plus license to swisscontrol. TAAM is a fast-time gate-to-gate simulation tool used by civil aviation authorities, air navigation services providers, aviation research establishments, airlines and airports worldwide to analyze operations, redesign airspace, optimize the use of existing facilities, and plan for the future. Swisscontrol is the air navigation services provider for Switzerland.

Swisscontrol's purchase of its second TAAM Plus license will give it the additional capability needed to conduct feasibility studies. The studies will be aimed at enhancing air traffic capacity within Swiss airspace, one of the most dense and complex airspaces in the world. Swisscontrol also specializes in modeling an airport's traffic to solve air traffic management issues, using the same tool. Swisscontrol has been a customer of TPG since 1993.

The Preston Group provides leading simulation, decision support, and scheduling systems for the global aviation industry. It has developed advanced optimization and visualization technology, as well as industry expertise, to meet the needs of its customers through cost-effective software systems and services. Headquartered in Melbourne, Australia, the company also maintains offices in Washington, D.C., and London.



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