Keller Technology Honored for Cutting F-22 Avionics Costs

Boeing and Northrop Grumman on Friday presented the Keller Technology Corp. with an award of excellence for its outstanding efforts to reduceF-22 avionics costs and cycle time.

Keller Technology manufactured and integrated a robotic system to automate the assembly and testing of critical F-22 radar components, called circulators. Circulators act as switches, allowing radio signals to be sent and received.

The new robotic system will reduce from several hours to several minutes the time it takes to manufacture the assemblies, which will increase production quantity and quality, and reduce overall F-22 avionics costs.

"We commend Keller Technology Corporation for its outstanding efforts on what was previously a very labor-intensive process," said Mike Harris, Boeing F-22 avionics manager. "The reduction in cycle time and the increase in yield will contribute significantly to the F-22's affordability as it moves toward production."

Installed at Northrop Grumman's Baltimore facility, the new robotic system is assembling and testing components. Northrop Grumman is the lead developer of the F-22's radar system. The radar is a key element of the overall F-22 avionics system, which is integrated by Boeing at its Seattle facilities.

Keller Technology Corp. manufactures machinery, process equipment and assembly systems in Charlotte, N.C., and Buffalo, N.Y.



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