Boeing believes negotiations with SPEEA are at impasse

The Boeing Company yesterday informed the Society of Professional Engineering Employees in Aerospace (SPEEA) that given the substantial differences between the parties that have developed during the past several months, the company believes the negotiations have reached an impasse.

This move follows the company's third and final contract offer to SPEEA on Feb. 26 near the conclusion of three days of federally mediated negotiations. At that time, the union refused to submit the company's offer to its membership for a vote.

"We believe the offer made on Feb. 26 showed substantial movement and a desire by the company to end the negotiations stalemate in a mutually satisfactory way," said Geoff Stamper, director of Union Relations and lead Boeing negotiator on the contract with SPEEA. "But SPEEA's positions on the Feb. 26 offer as communicated to the company before negotiations concluded reflect what both sides have known for some time, namely, that there are substantial differences between the parties that are preventing us from reaching agreement."

The strike, now in its 23rd day, has impacted the company's operations and production, particularly in Boeing Commercial Airplanes. As of Feb. 29, the company had delivered 27 of the 42 airplanes planned for the month. Fifteen of those 27 were delivered subsequent to the initiation of the strike. Although Boeing Commercial Airplanes' first quarter deliveries will be affected, the financial impact on the Company is presently uncertain, and will depend on a number of factors such as the duration of the strike, the nature of post-strike recovery plans, and performance of other business units.

"We are now prepared to make decisions on the several options available to us and will implement those with the most promise in the very near future. It is our hope that this stoppage will come to an end in a short period of time and that we can return to the task of serving our customers," concluded Phil Condit, Boeing chairman and CEO.

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