Israel Agrees to Upgrade 12 Apaches to AH-64D Apache Longbows

The government of Israel has signed a letter of offer and acceptance with the United States Department of Defense calling for 12 of Israel's AH-64A Apaches to be remanufactured into the AH-64D configuration.

This is the first step in the procurement process between the two governments. Still to come are contract negotiations for the aircraft and separate negotiations between The Boeing Company and the Israeli government for customer-unique items that will be included on the Israeli aircraft.

Israel announced last October that it intended to upgrade its Apaches.

The contract with the Army is expected to be signed by April, with deliveries to Israel scheduled to begin in 2003.

The advanced, multi-mission AH-64D Apache Longbow features fully integrated avionics and weapons, plus a state-of-the-art modem that transmits real-time, secure digitized battlefield information to air and ground forces.



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