Boeing Announces Leadership Changes In Latin America

The Boeing Company today announced a new leadership position to better serve its growing customer base in Latin America.

John Feren, senior vice president for Boeing Commercial Airplanes Group - Sales, announced the appointment of Daniel da Silva as vice president of Sales for Latin America.

"I am pleased to announce the creation of this new position dedicated to Latin America Sales, and even more excited to have Daniel assume its leadership. Daniel brings the right cultural and aviation background to help us respond to our customers in Latin America," Feren said.

Daniel da Silva, a native of Brazil, has extensive experience in both Sales and Marketing of commercial jetliners to Latin America. In his new position, da Silva assumes leadership for all jetliner sales and services to the Latin American region.

Prior to this assignment, da Silva was director of Sales for Boeing Commercial Airplanes Group in the Americas region. Previously, he was director of sales and regional director of marketing for Latin America at Douglas Aircraft Company in Long Beach, Calif.

Boeing Commercial Airplanes Group has identified Latin America as one of the highest growth markets for commercial jetliners during the next 20 years.

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