Northwest Airlines Acquires 18 Boeing 757-300s

Northwest Airlines has ordered 18 Boeing 757-300 single-aisle airplanes that will begin delivery in 2002. The airline will use the more efficient twin-engine 757-300s to retire its fleet of three-engine DC 10-40s and substantially reduce both fuel costs and overall maintenance costs. Northwest passengers will benefit from improved comfort since the 757-300 has an all-new interior, which is based on the popular, award-winning Boeing 777. With this order, Northwest joins the growing number of customers for the new Boeing 757-300, recognizing that it is one of the world's most reliable, versatile, passenger-preferred, fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly airplanes. With the lowest seat-mile costs of any single-aisle jetliner, the 757-300 has no direct competitor in the market. Other airlines that have ordered the 757-300 include Condor Flugdienst, Arkia Israeli Airlines, Icelandair, JMC Airlines, American Trans Air (ATA), and Continental. Total orders to date for the 757-300 is 62, including Northwest's order.

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