Boeing Reports No Y2K Problems

With 15 hours of global reporting completed, The Boeing Company says it has had a smooth transition into Year 2000.

Boeing began its oversight early this morning by monitoring its operations in Australia, the first country where Boeing employees experienced the rollover to the year 2000.

"We have been following the sun today as we monitored our operations from Australia to the United Kingdom," said Willie Aikens, Boeing Y2K program manager. "At this point, no Y2K-related problems have been reported."

Boeing has Communication Centers at major locations to monitor its worldwide computing systems, facilities, infrastructure, products and service. Company status is compiled at the Boeing Constant Readiness Center in Seattle.

"Boeing started working on Y2K preparedness early with the sole aim of making January 1, 2000, a non-event," said Scott Griffin, Boeing Chief Information Officer.

Boeing will continue monitoring its operations as the New Year arrives in the United States.

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