Boeing Confirms Delta Order For Five Jetliners

The Boeing Company today confirmed an order for five jetliners from Delta Air Lines Inc., including three Next-Generation 737-800s and two 757-200s. Deliveries are scheduled to begin in January 2001 and continue through May 2001.

These orders have been accounted as "unidentified customers" in cumulative order totals published by Boeing on Dec. 15.

The Next-Generation 737, which entered service last year, is the world's most advanced single-aisle airplane. The Next-Generation 737 establishes a new standard for speed and reliability, which means that passengers are less likely to miss connections or arrive late. The airplane's redesigned passenger cabin continues to win praise for its spaciousness, comfort and design. The Next-Generation 737 features several enhancements to the original 737 design, including a larger wing, new systems and avionics, higher cruise speed, greater range and new engines.

To date, 62 customers worldwide have ordered more than 1,200 Next-Generation 737s, with more than 300 currently in service. More than 800 737s are in the air at any time; one takes off somewhere in the world every six seconds.

The twin-engine Boeing 757-200 is a medium-to-long-range jetliner incorporating advanced technology for exceptional fuel efficiency, low noise levels, increased passenger comfort and top operating performance. The 757 can fly both long- and short-range routes and its broad use effectively lends itself to "hub-and-spoke" planning.

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