Boeing Delivers Updated F-22 Integrated Avionics Package

Boeing recently delivered an updated F-22 avionics flight test package, Block 1.2, to team partner Lockheed Martin in Marietta, Ga., ahead of schedule. Boeing is responsible for integrating the F-22's advanced avionics.

Block 1.2, which includes stores management, vehicle management system, utilities and subsystems, and radar, mission, inertial reference system, pilot vehicle interface and cockpit display software, will be installed on aircraft 4004 and support engine run testing. Raptor 4004 will be the first F-22 to fly with integrated avionics.

To date, F-22 avionics software has undergone more than 15,000 hours of rigorous testing in the company's Avionics Integration Lab and 404 flight test hours aboard the Boeing 757 Flying Test Bed. The flying test bed helps reduce avionics development costs and risks by enabling extensive in-flight testing, evaluation and troubleshooting before full avionics are installed and flown on the F-22.

Gherry Bender, Boeing F-22 Avionics manager, said the next critical avionics milestone is delivery of Block 3S avionics.

"Block 3S will provide additional functionality to aircraft 4004 and allow it to accomplish a significant amount of flight testing," Bender said. "Block 3S is scheduled to be delivered in June 2000."

Boeing is teamed with Lockheed Martin and Pratt & Whitney to design and build the F-22 Raptor for the U.S. Air Force. Boeing supplies the F-22 wings, aft fuselage, radar, mission software, avionics integration and testing, as well as training and life-support systems.



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