Boeing-Led Team to Pursue Area Air Defense Commander Program

The Boeing Company [NYSE:BA] has put together a team of companies to pursue the Area Air Defense Commander (AADC) capability program. Team members are leaders in the defense industry with extensive expertise in battle management, command, control and communications, and air defense activities.

The U.S. Navy AADC capability program will provide an advanced command and control system with the real-time battle management tools needed for Theater Wide Ballistic Missile Defense and overall theater air defense missions. The system will serve as a tactical operations tool for the Joint Force AADC, responsible for directing operations that include a broad range of assets.

The companies involved include:

  • Alphatech, Arlington, Va.
  • Gray Hawk, Dahlgren, Va.
  • Jaycor, San Diego, Calif.
  • Lockheed Martin, Moorestown, N.J.
  • Raytheon, Falls Church, Va.
  • Solipsys, Laurel, Md.
  • Sparta, Huntsville, Ala.
  • TRW, Huntsville, Ala.

Boeing will lead the team and serve as the prime integrator. The company's heritage in systems integration extends across a broad range of Department of Defense and NASA programs. Boeing is responsible for integration on such programs as National Missile Defense and Airborne Laser. "We believe the team we have in place can provide the best solution for the Navy's requirement," said Richard Black, director, Theater Air and Missile Defense, Boeing Electronic Systems & Missile Defense. "The capabilities each company brings to the team are the best in the industry."

Boeing was awarded one of three six-month conceptual design study contracts in April 1999. An RFP for the Engineering and Manufacturing development phase of the program is expected in December 1999.

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