Boeing Chairman and CEO Condit Applauds WTO Meeting Efforts

Boeing Company Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Phil Condit today applauded the successful efforts of World Trade Organization (WTO) meeting participants, as the week-long session wrapped up in Seattle.

"Despite the distractions, the long-lasting story of this important gathering will not be about what happened on the streets of Seattle," Condit said. "The real story will be about the important work that was accomplished in expanding rules-based trade and the opportunities that trade brings to people around the world. Those taking part in the meeting are to be congratulated for that success."

Condit, who heads the Business Roundtable's International Trade and Investment Task Force, noted that the WTO is the only international body that deals with rules of trade between nations.

"The people who took part in these successful discussions know that rules-based trading allows you to compete-globally-with a referee," Condit said. "But we must continue to break down the remaining barriers to trade and to ensure that all trade is governed by rules that keep trade fair and growing."

Condit said that while trade is not a panacea for all the world's problems, it does bring convincing benefits. "Rules-based trade drives global economic growth and raises living standards for everyone," he said.



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