Boeing Congratulates El Al For Choosing 777s

The Boeing Company today congratulated El Al Israel Airlines for choosing Boeing 777 jetliners. The airline announced earlier its intention to purchase three widebody Boeing 777s, valued at approximately $400 million, for its long-haul needs. These airplanes are designated to replace the company's Boeing 747-200 airplanes.

"We are extremely pleased that El Al has made a decision in favor of the Boeing 777," said Alan Mulally, president of Boeing Commercial Airplanes Group. "El Al has conducted a very rigorous competition evaluating all aspects of the competitive products to make sure that they made the best business decision. We look forward to the first Boeing 777 delivery to El Al in February 2001."

The Boeing 777 is the world's most advanced, efficient and comfortable twin-engine jetliner. It entered service in June 1995 and is the best-selling airplane in its class. In both independent and proprietary surveys, more than three out of every four airplane passengers who have flown on both the Boeing 777 and competing products expressed a preference for the 777. That overwhelming preference remains consistent for travelers in first class, business class and economy, and holds true for passengers in all regions of the world.

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