Jim Albaugh Selected as the 1999 National Management Association Executive of the Year

Jim Albaugh, president of Boeing Space and Communications Group in Seal Beach, Calif., has been chosen as this year's recipient of the prestigious Executive of the Year Award by the National Management Association (NMA). The award was presented on October 11, during the NMA's national conference held at the Savannah Marriott Riverfront Hotel.

Although unable to accept in person, in a videotaped acceptance speech Albaugh expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation, as he joined the ranks of well-known recipients of the Executive of the Year Award. Albaugh, a member of NMA for more than 20 years, extolled the virtues of the NMA and its positive influence on his career.

"Leadership isn't reserved for people who have corner offices or a title under their names. Leadership is something we all have to assume," said Albaugh. "Leadership is about determining where we're going and then figuring out how we're going to get there. It's about putting a plan together and making it happen."

Boeing Space and Communications is headquartered in Seal Beach, Calif., and employs approximately 40,000 people. As president, Albaugh is responsible for many high-profile aerospace programs, including; the International Space Station, Space Shuttle, the Delta family of expendable launch vehicles, and National Missile Defense.

Each year, NMA chapters throughout the United States nominate candidates from the executive business community to be recognized as Executive of the Year. The NMA Executive Board examines each candidate and is responsible for the final selection process. This year, the wide field of national candidates was reduced to three by June, and through a selection process that included the NMA Recognition Committee, final balloting was concluded in mid-July.

In recognizing Albaugh as NMA Executive of the Year, NMA President Stephen Bailey said that "all of Jim Albaugh's accomplishments are underscored with a clear vision, a strong sense of mission, and a dedication to the development of individual competencies. He is a strong proponent of change and continuous improvement. Colleagues praise his character and integrity and are quick to note that he is accessible to all levels of the organization. He has that rare mix of product-focused leadership and people-centered management skills that set him so far apart from the crowd."

Albaugh's concluding remarks to the 350 attendees at the Executive of the Year banquet also emphasized the importance of leadership. "Being a leader means creating and fostering a workplace culture where employees feel motivated, appreciated, challenged and rewarded," he said. "It means recognizing and maximizing the unique talents each employee brings to the Company. It's about doing things differently tomorrow from how you're doing them today."

The non-profit National Management Association originated in 1925 at the inspiration of inventor Charles F. Kettering. NMA is the recognized worldwide partnership of people and businesses inspiring outstanding leadership and cultivating highly productive workplaces. NMA's 34,000 members belong to nearly 150 affiliated chapters worldwide.

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