Boeing Business Jets Announces Innovative New 'Gold Card' Customer Support Program

Boeing Business Jets today announced a new partnership with Air Routing and Delta Air Lines to provide an exclusive worldwide support program for Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) customers. The announcement was made at the annual National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) convention in Atlanta, Ga.

With the use of a BBJ Gold Card or a single phone call, owners will have access to an integrated network of flight support services including emergency "roadside" service, significant fuel discounts, and consolidated invoices and billing statements. The BBJ Gold Card Program was activated last month concurrent with the first BBJ to enter service.

In this arrangement, Air Routing will provide a billing and payment mechanism that is the BBJ Gold Card. The Gold Card will make discounted fuel prices available worldwide along with 24-hour access to international operational support for flight planning, weather briefs, overflight/landing permits, security, transportation, communications and other services.

Delta Air Technical Operations Division will provide emergency "roadside" Service for BBJ customers. This service will complement The Boeing Company's own legendary customer service by providing telephone troubleshooting expertise, inventory support and component repair 24-hours a day. Delta Air Lines has placed orders for 124 of the Next-Generation 737 airplanes and has supported this model for over a year.

BBJ also has its own network of Boeing customer support representatives dedicated exclusively to customers worldwide.

Earlier this year, Boeing Business Jets announced it had chosen Delta Air Lines' Technical Operations Division as the primary aircraft heavy maintenance services provider for its Boeing NetJets (BNJ) fleet. General Electric Engine Services will provide primary engine maintenance services. Delta will provide selected engine maintenance services, component access, repair and other selected maintenance services.

"Our BBJ Gold Card and customer support program is the best in the world for big private jets," said Borge Boeskov, president of Boeing Business Jets. "We have learned quickly that the private jet owner is quite different from airline owners and typically do not have the depth of maintenance, engineering and operations support found in airline customers. So we set up a special program just for them. We think the BBJ Gold Card, maintenance and customer support programs we have in place will give us another edge on our competition as we move into the millennium. If you sell the best you are expected to have the best after-sale support. That's what we intend to provide."

The business jet is a high-performance derivative of the Boeing Next-Generation 737-700. It combines the size of the 737-700 fuselage (110 feet 4 inches, 33.6 meters) with strengthened wings and landing gear from the larger and heavier 737-800. This tailored combination provides owners with a business jet platform that has a range of 7,140 statute miles (6,200 nautical miles, 11,480 kilometers) and payload flexibility beyond that of any competitor.

Since its launch as a joint venture between Boeing and General Electric Co., in 1996, the Boeing Business Jet has received 56 orders. To date, 28 BBJs have been delivered.

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