Delta Air Lines Orders 18 More Boeing 737-800s

The Boeing Company today confirmed Delta Air Lines has placed a firm order for 18 additional Next-Generation 737-800s as part of the airline's previously announced plan to accelerate replacement of its fleet of Boeing 727 airplanes. The last of the Boeing 727s are scheduled to leave the Delta fleet in 2005.

Today's announcement is a result of orders placed by the airline during the past three months.

John Feren, Boeing Commercial Airplanes Group senior vice president - Americas Sales, noted that the Next-Generation 737, which entered service for the first time last year, is the world's most advanced single-aisle airplane. "The Next-Generation 737 establishes a new standard for speed and reliability, which means that passengers are less likely to miss connections or arrive late. The airplane's new overhead bins are custom designed to handle more roll-aboard luggage, and its completely redesigned passenger cabin continues to win praise for its spaciousness, comfort and design," he added.

The Next-Generation 737 entered service in 1998 and builds on the strengths that have made the Boeing 737 the world's most successful airplane while incorporating improvements designed for the 21st century, including a 10 percent larger wing, higher cruise altitude and superior range. The 737-800 model incorporates all the enhancements of the Next-Generation 737 family, including a redesigned cabin and a flight deck featuring the most versatile display system offered on any commercial jetliner.

To date, sixty-one customers worldwide have ordered more than 1,200 Next-Generation 737s, with more than 300 currently in service. More than 800 737s are in the air at any time; one takes off somewhere in the world every six seconds. With more than 4,325 orders and more than 3,450 deliveries, the Boeing 737 is the best-selling commercial jetliner of all time.

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