ILFC Makes Large Commitment To Boeing Next-Generation 737

International Lease Finance Corporation (ILFC) today made history by announcing plans to place the largest single order ever for the Boeing Next-Generation 737 jetliner. As a customer of every Boeing airplane in service, ILFC plans to make a record order for as many as 100 Next-Generation 737s, which would bring to 599 the number of Boeing airplanes ordered by ILFC during the last 26 years.

Steven F. Udvar-Hazy, president and chief executive officer of ILFC, noted that the Boeing 737 is a mainstay of his company's operation. "This commitment for the Next-Generation 737 will bring to 390 the total of Classic and Next-Generation 737 airplanes owned by ILFC. It also assures our strong order and delivery positions beyond 2001, where we foresee solid growth and replacement of the 737 Classic series, 727s, some DC-9 series and MD-80s."

"Today we mark another great milestone for the 737," said Alan Mulally, president - Boeing Commercial Airplanes Group. "As a leader in the leasing and marketing of advanced-technology commercial airplanes to airlines around the world, ILFC has played a key role in expanding the customer base of the Next-Generation 737. ILFC has brought 11 new Next-Generation 737 customers to the Boeing family, helping make the Next-Generation 737 the fastest-selling jetliner in aviation history. This again validates the airplane's performance, as well as the broad market acceptance and reliability of the 737."

Mulally also noted ILFC already has introduced the airplane at many different airline operators around the world, including placing the first Next-Generation 737 in China, Latin America, the United Kingdom and the Caribbean.

The Next-Generation 737 builds on the strengths that have made the Boeing 737 the world's most successful airplane, while incorporating improvements designed for the 21st century. The Next-Generation 737 incorporates a redesigned cabin and a new flight deck featuring the most versatile display system offered on any commercial jetliner.

With a little more than a year in service, there are now more than 280 Next-Generation 737s in operation worldwide. Collectively, the Next-Generation 737 in-service fleet is approaching half a million hours of operation.

More than 800 737s are in the air at any time; one takes off somewhere in the world every six seconds. With more than 4,270 orders and more than 3,390 deliveries, the Boeing 737 is the best-selling commercial jetliner of all time.

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