Boeing Wins Modification And Maintenance Contract With Kitty Hawk International For Five 747 Airplanes

The Boeing Company today announced that Boeing Airplane Services will perform maintenance and modification work on five 747s for Kitty Hawk International. The work, pylon modification for Pratt & Whitney engines, Service Bulletin updates and scheduled heavy maintenance, will be performed by the Boeing Modification Center in Wichita, Kan.

The first airplane, a 747-100, arrived in late April and is scheduled for re-entry into service in late June 1999. The last airplane in the contract is to be completed next May. Boeing Wichita converted the 747-100, originally delivered in 1971, into freighter configuration in 1977 as part of the Flying Tigers contract.

Cargo carrier Kitty Hawk International, formerly American International Airways, is a subsidiary of Dallas-based Kitty Hawk Inc. Kitty Hawk International's fleet consists of two 747-100s, five 747-200s, six Lockheed L-1011s and 16 Douglas DC-8s, serving markets in the United States, Pacific Rim, South America and Europe.

The pylon modification involves replacing and strengthening significant structural engine pylon and wing attach points and an extensive inspection of all related components.

A "D" check (scheduled heavy maintenance) includes inspections of skins, frames, stringers and bulkheads; lubrication of moveable components, actuators and motors; application of corrosion inhibitors; functional tests of aircraft systems; and replacement or overhaul of landing gear, flaps, computers and other electronic components. Boeing Airplane Services offers concurrent maintenance with airplane modifications. A "D" check is performed once the aircraft reaches 22,500 flight hours.

"We're extremely pleased that we could offer Kitty Hawk the best value possible to help them be successful, which helps ensure our success as well," said Modification Center Director Vic McMullen.

The full-service Boeing Modification Center at Wichita specializes in wide-bodied aircraft modifications, maintenance and structural enhancements. Since 1972 Boeing Wichita has modified 90 Boeing 747 airplanes to freighter/cargo configuration, including NASA's shuttle carrier aircraft, and recently completed a DC-10.

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