The Boeing Company To Participate In 1999 Paris Air Show

The Boeing Company will be among the participants at the 1999 Paris Air Show, June 12-20. Members of the accredited media are invited to visit the Boeing Press Chalet (Row B, No. 159) located adjacent to the Boeing Chalet.

Alan Mulally, Mike Sears and Jim Albaugh, presidents of the three Boeing operating units, will lead a company overview briefing at 10:30 a.m., Sunday, June 13, in the auditorium of the main Press Center on the air show grounds.

In addition, Boeing has scheduled several other briefings throughout the week in the Boeing Press Chalet, except where otherwise noted. Media are advised to check the briefing schedule daily at the Boeing Press Chalet and Exhibit for breaking news announcements and changes to the schedule.

Sunday, June 13

1030 - The Boeing Company: A look at how the world's largest aerospace company is working together, building the future of flight. Briefing in the auditorium of the main Press Center.

Presenters: Alan Mulally, Mike Sears and Jim Albaugh, Boeing unit presidents

1430 - L 159 Overview: Aero Vodochody executives will provide an update on the L 159 trainer/light-attack aircraft, which will be making its first appearance outside the Czech Republic at the 1999 Paris Air Show. Boeing is a 35 percent shareholder in Aero Vodochody, the leading aircraft producer in the Czech Republic.
Presenters: Scott White, president, Boeing Ceska; and Adam Stranak, president, Aero Vodochody.

Monday, June 14

0930 - 1999 Current Market Outlook: Widely held as the most respected, definitive look at the commercial airplane market, this Boeing presentation will cover market and industry trends and what they will mean to the aviation industry over the next 20 years.

Presenter: Randy Baseler, vice president, Marketing

1030 - Joint Strike Fighter Overview: An update on the Boeing JSF Industry Team's performance and progress in building two X-32 concept demonstrator aircraft and designing the operational Joint Strike Fighter.

Presenter: Frank Statkus, vice president and general manager, Joint Strike Fighter

1100 - 717 Photo Opportunity: Boeing President and Chief Operating Officer Harry Stonecipher and executives of major suppliers to the 717 welcome the 717 to Europe. Photo opportunity shipside at the 717.

1130 - Launch Services Overview: Consistent with its strategy of becoming the worldwide leader in providing low-cost access to space, Boeing is addressing the space transportation needs of the satellite industry through its newly expanded family of launch vehicles: Delta II, Delta III, Delta IV and Sea Launch.

Presenter: Dave Schweikle, director, Launch Services

1300 - The 717-200: The 100-seat Boeing 717-200 is nearing completion of its flight test and certification program. Boeing will review the market potential for 100-seat airplanes and describe how the 717 is specifically designed to be the right airplane for the market.

Presenter: Jim Phillips, vice president and general manager, 717.

1400 - Boeing Business Jets Overview: A joint venture between Boeing and General Electric, BBJ is completing the third year of operation. The presentation will include a progress report on the program including sales, delivery and product development information. A news item of some significance will be announced.

Presenter: Borge Boeskov, president, Boeing Business Jets.

Tuesday, June 15

0930 - Information and Communication Systems Overview: A look at how Boeing keeps the world in touch...from satellite-based communications and navigation systems to the world's standard for airborne early warning systems.

Presenter: Ken Medlin, vice president and general manager, Information and Communications Systems

1000 - RAH-66 Comanche Overview: An overview of the RAH-66 Comanche demonstration/validation/prototype program and its role in the future of U.S. Army aviation. Briefing at the RAH-66 Comanche in the DoD static display area.

Presenter: U.S. Army, supported by Boeing Sikorsky program officials.

1030 - Commercial Airplanes Product Development: An overview of the company's research and development projects and how they position Boeing to meet the needs of the changing commercial airplane market.

Presenter: John Roundhill, vice president, Engineering

1130 V-22 Osprey Overview: A status report on the U.S. Marine Corps accepting the first of 360 Bell Boeing MV-22B Osprey Tiltrotor aircraft, and a look at the upcoming operational evaluations in October.

Presenter: Lt. Gen. Fred McCorkle, U.S. Marine Corps deputy chief of staff for Aviation, supported by Bell Boeing program officials.

1230 The Phantom Works: An overview of Boeing's recent research and development projects in the areas of advanced systems, technologies and processes -- all focused on lowering the cost and improving the performance of aerospace products.

Presenter: George Muellner, vice president and general manager, Phantom Works.

Wednesday, June 16

0930 - Missile Defense Systems Overview: A look at the company's expanding global leadership role in large scale integration, world-class capabilities and enabling technology of missile defense.

Presenter: Nancy Kim Yun, director, Electronic Systems and Missile Defense

1030 - Orbital Systems and Exploration Overview: New stars on the horizon -- Boeing talks about initiatives in the human exploration and development of space.

Presenter: Rick Stephens, vice president and general manager, Orbital Systems and Exploration

1130 - Commercial Airplanes Product Overview: A look at the Boeing product family, considered to be the most complete and responsive in the market. This detailed product briefing will illustrate the solid foundation on which the segment's future growth will be based.

Presenter: Joe Ozimek, director, Product Marketing

1300 - European Airline Survey Results: Seven airlines -- six based in Europe; one flying to and from Europe -- surveyed thousands of their passengers. Boeing will share the results of their survey.

Presenter: Helga Griesbeck, director, European Marketing

A highlight of this year's Paris Air Show will be a flying demonstration by the Boeing 717-200, Boeing's newest twinjet, which is making its air show debut. Several of the company's military products also are scheduled to participate in the air show and be on static display, subject to the on-going state of affairs in Kosovo.

The Boeing Exhibit, located in Hall 3, Stand B10, will offer display areas representing the main themes of The Boeing Company at Paris:

  • "To Fly" featuring models, illustrations and information about the Boeing Commercial Airplane family of jetliners;
  • "To Defend" featuring a reconfigurable cockpit, models, illustrations and information about defense programs managed by Boeing Military Aircraft and Missile Systems;
  • "To Explore and Inform" featuring models, illustrations and information about space programs such as the International Space Station, Sea Launch and the Delta family of rockets; and information and communication programs such as the Airborne Early Warning and Control System, and the Bradley-Linebacker, managed by Boeing Space and Communications.

In addition, Boeing Space and Communications will feature the International Space Station and other products in the U.S. Pavilion (Hall 1, Stand C6) as part of its theme, "Space...The High Frontier." The Boeing exhibit will explore the various benefits from the International Space Station such as microgravity and medical research, education, commerce and exploration, and how other Boeing products improve life on Earth.



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