Air Pacific Receives Its First Boeing Next-Generation 737-800

Air Pacific, the official international airline of Fiji, recently took delivery of its first Boeing Next-Generation 737-800. Attending the milestone event were Michael McQuay, managing director and chief executive officer - Air Pacific, and Doug Groseclose, Boeing Commercial Airplanes Group vice president - South Asia/Pacific/Africa/Middle East Sales.

The new Air Pacific 737 - seating 12 passengers in business class and 142 in economy - will be the first 737-800 model flying in the South Pacific.

"The range capabilities of the Next-Generation 737s literally open up the South Pacific to us for tourism development, an essential part of our business," McQuay said. "The Next-Generation 737's performance capabilities mean we can offer higher frequency and capacity on key routes. Most important of all, our passengers can enjoy the comfort of flying in the high-quality interior, equipped with a state-of-the-art entertainment system."

"Boeing is proud to be a part of Air Pacific's success and dynamic growth by offering the right airplane with the lowest operating cost and highest reliability in its class," said Groseclose.

The 737 family of airplanes delivers value to airlines in the form of greater performance capability, simplicity, and reduced operating and maintenance costs. The 737-800 incorporates advanced technology in a stretched version of the classic 737-400. A new wing and engines increase performance while reducing noise and emissions. The 737-800 also shares the enhancements of the other members of the Next-Generation family, including a new passenger cabin and flight deck. The flight deck features a programmable liquid-crystal-display (LCD) system, offering commonality with earlier 737 models and allowing flight crews to maintain the same type ratings.

Established in 1951, Air Pacific has become the premier airline of Fiji. Air Pacific will fly its new 737-800 on routes connecting Fiji to Australia, New Zealand, Western Samoa and the Kingdom of Tonga.

The Boeing Next-Generation 737 is the most advanced airplane in its class. With more than 1,140 airplanes ordered by 57 customers worldwide, it is the fastest-selling commercial airplane family in history.

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