Boeing To Modify Two MD-11s For Korean Air

The Boeing Company today announced it will convert two Korean Air MD-11 passenger airplanes to MD-11 Freighters.

The MD-11F is the world's most advanced trijet freighter, offering a highly sophisticated flight deck and advanced automatic system controls. Korean Air has four MD-11s, including two passenger and two freighters, in its fleet today.

"We are excited that Korean Air has selected the MD-11 again as a freighter," said Joe Gullion, president - Boeing Airplane Services. "The MD-11F conversion program is a great opportunity for operators to get added life and value out of their in-service airplanes."

The MD-11F is known for its extended, intercontinental, nonstop range; low fuel burn per trip; unrestricted, over-water operation and large cargo-carrying capacity. The MD-11F can carry 202,100-pound gross payloads and has a 98.25-inch maximum stack height. The main cabin will hold up to 15,530 cubic feet of palletized cargo, and the lower compartments will hold an additional 5,566 cubic feet of containerized or bulk cargo. All standard industry containers can be accommodated side-by-side in the lower deck.

The conversion program will be managed by Boeing Airplane Services, a new business that provides engineering retrofit packages, avionics upgrades, passenger-to-freighter conversions, interior reconfigurations, recovery and repair services, and airplane performance improvements for all Boeing commercial airplanes.

Work on the first Korean Air conversion airplane will begin in July and both of the conversions are scheduled to be completed before the end of the year.

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Lori Gunter