Sahara Airlines Takes Its First Boeing Next-Generation 737-700

Sahara Airlines of India took delivery today of its first Boeing Next-Generation 737-700 from Ansett Worldwide Aviation Services and The Boeing Company. Attending the milestone event were Capt. S.P.S. Sandhu, general manager of Operations - Sahara Airlines, his team, and Dinesh Keskar, president - Boeing India.

"The Boeing 737-700 is a great addition to our current fleet of all-Boeing 737 jetliners," Capt. Sandhu said. "The economics of the 737-700 will enhance our profitability through increased operating efficiency and reliability while pleasing our customers with its comfortable and versatile interior."

"The airline's experience with the twinjet's superior operating and performance characteristics led to its decision to select the 737-700," Keskar said. "The airline's decision reflects its confidence in Boeing and particularly our 737 program. The 737 family has been the choice of all airlines in India since 1991."

The 737 family of airplanes is focused on deliversing value to airlines in the form of reliability, simplicity, and reduced operating and maintenance costs. The Next Generation 737-600/-700/-800/-900 models offer flight deck commonality with Classic 737 models and allow flight crews to maintain the same type-ratings.

Established in 1993, Sahara Airlines is a private carrier that has become one of India's premier airlines. Sahara will be flying its new 737-700 on routes that connect ing Delhi to Mumbai, Lucknow, and Chennai.

To date, 57 customers worldwide have placed orders for more than 1,130 Next-Generation 737s. Since its launch in 1993, the Boeing Next-Generation 737 has become the fastest-selling jetliner family in commercial aviation history.

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