Boeing Delta III Launch Attempt of Orion 3 Satellite Results in On-Pad Abort

This evening's launch attempt of the Orion 3 satellite aboard a Delta III rocket resulted in an on-pad abort at the expected liftoff time of 10:05 p.m. EDT.

The launch team made four attempts during the launch window that spanned from 9:02 to 10:11 p.m. EDT. A procedural problem caused the first delay. During the second and third attempts, the ground software system indicated potential concerns that were later determined to be unfounded. On the fourth attempt, a software command to ignite the main engine was not issued to the vehicle. As a result, the vehicle's main engine did not ignite. The launch team is assessing the software issue.

A new launch date will be set at a later time, pending resolution of the issue and range availability.

The Orion 3 satellite, built by Hughes Space and Communications, will be owned and operated by Loral Space & Communications. The spacecraft will expand the C-band and Ku-band coverage area of Loral's satellite service fleet to include the entire Asia-Pacific region including Korea, China, Japan, Australia, India, Southeast Asia, Oceania and Hawaii.



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