Atlas Air Exercises Options For Two Boeing 747-400 Freighters

Atlas Air has exercised options for two 747-400 freighters, bringing the carrier's total order to 12 airplanes, The Boeing Company confirmed today. Delivery of the two airplanes are scheduled for March and April 2000.

"In mid-1997, Atlas placed an order for 10 747-400s as we saw customer demand grow for the longest-haul, highest-capacity aircraft available," said Michael Chowdry, chairman, chief executive officer and president of Atlas Air, Inc. "The first five aircraft were successfully placed with customers upon delivery during 1998. In light of our success in placing these airplanes and the positive market outlook, we have increased our total order to 12 with the exercise of these options."

"As the largest operator of Boeing 747 freighters, Atlas is one of a select group of companies that has built a network with a level of service that sets a world-class standard," said Alan Mulally, president - Boeing Commercial Airplanes. "At Boeing, we're proud that the 747 has contributed to the great success achieved by Atlas."

The 747-400 Freighter can carry 124 tons (113,000 kg) of cargo farther than 4,400 nautical miles. Compared to the Boeing 747-200 Freighter, the -400 model offers either an additional 26 tons of payload or 1,200-nautical-mile range. The -400 Freighter burns 10 to 16 percent less fuel than the earlier model, due to more fuel-efficient engines and larger wings. The 747-400 Freighter's powered cargo-handling system makes for smooth, fast loading and unloading.

Boeing has been the world leader in civilian air cargo since the 707 Freighter was introduced more than 30 years ago. From the beginning, Boeing designed the 747 family to include an all-cargo transport. The Boeing 747 provides 31 percent of the world's freighter fleet capability.