Boeing Delivers Two More 767 AWACS to Japan

Boeing today delivered two more 767 Airborne Warning and Control System (AWACS) aircraft to the government of Japan. Two other 767 AWACS were delivered in March 1998. Japan ordered the four aircraft in 1993.

The aircraft were delivered to the Japan Defense Agency through representatives of the Electronic Systems Center, Hanscom Air Force Base, Mass.

Prior to delivery, the two aircraft went through rigorous flight and mission system testing evaluating whether the aircrafts' radar, identification friend or foe electronics, navigation, computers/displays, and sophisticated communication systems performed as designed.

"Boeing has worked closely with Japan Air Self Defense Force and U.S. Air Force representatives to deliver these two aircraft ahead of schedule," said Jack Sperry, Boeing 767 AWACS program manager.

"This will speed up pre-delivery maintenance and ferry flight activities, so the aircraft will arrive at their home base in Japan at the earliest opportunity to participate in a JASDF test program before becoming operational."

AWACS, the world's standard for AEW&C systems, fills the need for both airborne surveillance and command and control functions for tactical and air defense forces. The 767 AWACS offers countries a defensive capability well beyond the range of ground-based systems. Substantial growth capacity inherent in the 767 AWACS ensures that the system can be readily adapted to meet future missions and requirements.

Currently, 66 E-3 707 AWACS aircraft operate in the United States, NATO, the United Kingdom, France and Saudi Arabia.