Cargolux Orders Two More Boeing 747-400 Freighters

Cargolux Airlines, based in Luxembourg, announced an order for two 747-400 freighters at a news conference today at the Boeing Delivery Center in Everett, Wash. Airline President and Chief Executive Officer Heiner Wilkens made the announcement while in Everett to take delivery of a previously ordered 747-400 freighter.

The value of today's order is estimated at $335 million. Counting today's delivery, the airline has six 747-400 freighters in its fleet. Cargolux also will take delivery of four more 747-400 freighters beginning in March. Boeing will deliver the two 747-400 freighters ordered today in late 1999, and mid-2002 respectively.

With today's order, Cargolux becomes the largest customer for the 747-400 freighter, with 12 airplanes in operation or on order. Cargolux was the first customer to operate a 747-400 freighter.

"We are pleased to see the success Cargolux is enjoying with their 747 freighter fleet," said Tom Basacchi, Commercial Airplanes vice president - Europe/Russia Sales. "They are a very valuable customer for us, and they've been very loyal customers to the 747 Freighter program. We thank them for their continued support."

The 747-400 freighter the airline takes today will return to Luxembourg with a full load of cargo, making the delivery flight its first revenue-earning flight.

"We are noted for our ability to get the most efficiency and productivity from our aircraft," said Wilkens. "It is also a testament to the abilities of the airplane. We recently announced the highest profit in our company's history, achieved in no small part through the efficiency, reliability and high-utilization of our 747-400 freighter fleet."

The Boeing new-technology 747-400 Freighter is the all-cargo transport member of the 747-400 family. It can carry more cargo - and carry it farther - than any other commercial jet freighter. The 747-400 Freighter also has the lowest operating cost per ton-mile.

All advances introduced in the 747-400 passenger version are available in the all-cargo configuration.

The 747-400 Freighter can carry 124 tons (113,000 kilograms) of cargo more than 4,400 nautical miles. An additional 26 tons of payload or 1,200-nautical-mile range is possible compared to Boeing's 747-200 Freighter. The new model burns 10 to 16 percent less fuel than the earlier model, because of more fuel-efficient engines and larger wings.