Euralair Becomes Latest Boeing 737-800 Customer

Euralair International Airlines will add two Next-Generation 737-800s to its fleet, Boeing confirmed today.

The French-based airline will operate the new airplanes under a lease agreement with GATX B737-800 Partners, an aircraft-leasing partnership managed in San Francisco. Euralair will take deliveries of the 737-800s in December 1998 and January 1999. The 737-800 - a new, stretched version of the current 737-400 - will allow Euralair to carry up to 189 passengers in a single-class configuration.

"Euralair has been a solid Boeing customer for many years, and we are proud to add their name to the growing number of Next-Generation 737 customers," said Chris Longridge, Commercial Airplanes vice president - European Sales.

Euralair currently has three 737-200s and three 737-500s. "The Next-Generation 737 is a natural evolution for Euralair as we have been operating the 737 family for years and are convinced of the additional comfort, efficiency and flexibility this new aircraft has to offer," said Antoine de Bizemont, Euralair's chairman. "We will operate the two new 737-800s through a strong partnership with our customer, Voyages FRAM - one of the biggest French tour operators - on charter routes from France to exciting Mediterranean and African destinations," he added.

"Voyages FRAM is extremely happy to sign a very strong commercial agreement with Euralair. To further personalize the overall service to our customers, FRAM and Euralair have agreed to paint both airplanes in FRAM's colors and trademark logo," said Georges Colson, Voyages FRAM chairman.

The Next-Generation 737s build on the strengths that have made the 737 the world's most successful airplane while incorporating improvements designed for the 21st century. The 737-800 model incorporates all the enhancements of the Next-Generation 737 family, including a redesigned passenger cabin and a flight deck featuring the most versatile display system offered on any commercial jetliner.

Total orders for the entire 737 family of airplanes exceed 4,000, and include more than 1,000 orders for the Next-Generation 737 family alone. Boeing has won more orders for the 737 family than the company's biggest competitor has won for its entire product line.