Boeing Confirms 767-200ER Order By Continental Airlines

Continental Airlines, the fifth-largest airline in the United States, has placed an order for 10 extended-range Boeing 767-200 ERs to complete its twin-aisle fleet, The Boeing Company confirmed today.

The 767-200ERs will serve Continental's expanding international markets to Europe and South America, and will be configured with 176 seats - 25 "BusinessFirst" seats and 151 in coach.

"This airplane has real passenger appeal," said Greg Brenneman, Continental Airlines' president and chief operating officer. "We know that passengers prefer comfort when they fly long distances, and the 767's seating area, with nearly vertical walls, provides great headroom and shoulder space for all passengers."

The Boeing 767-200ER shares many common features with the Boeing 757, which also is in service in Continental's fleet. The 767 and 757 family members share a common-type pilot rating, so flight crews benefit from reduced training. Crew members can be assigned to either model as passenger demand changes, permitting the airline to fly routes more profitably. Airlines also benefit from the similar maintenance procedures, manuals, and inspection requirements.

The 757/767 family commands the 170-300-seat market, and has the range and capacity to fly expanding routes anywhere. Designed to meet the challenge of the expanding North Atlantic market, the 767 fleet flies almost 1,700 trips a week across the North Atlantic - more than any other airplane. It performs equally well in other markets around the world.