Boeing Receives Contract to Upgrade Longbow Launchers

The U.S. Army has awarded a $13.4 million contract to The Boeing Company for M299 Longbow launchers.

The contract calls for refurbishment and modification to 253 Army launchers and a new build of 109 launchers for the U.S. Navy and The Netherlands.

Boeing will introduce a new, reduced-cost electronics package in this contract which is the third contract converting HELLFIRE M272 launchers to the new version of Mil Std. 1760 M299 launchers. Boeing also will assume the prime contractor role for the launcher engineering services contract.

"The new launchers are being fielded on the AH-64D Apache Longbow," said Larry Lauger, Longbow program manager of the Boeing Military Aircraft & Missile Systems Weapons Programs. "Being able to take an existing product and upgrade it for modern weapons gives warfighters a new capability at low cost."

The new M299 Longbow launcher will accept not only the Longbow missile but also all models of HELLFIRE.

Boeing developed the original HELLFIRE launcher for the Apache helicopter when it developed the HELLFIRE missile. The contract will be executed at the Boeing facility in Duluth, Ga.



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