Boeing Opens Office in Greece

The Boeing Company opened a new office here today to support its efforts to develop long-term business relationships with Greece.

The new office, representing the defense, commercial and space operations of Boeing, is led by Ed Parazynski. As managing director, Parazynski will be responsible for the company's business activities in Greece.

Mike Sears, president of Boeing Military Aircraft and Missile Systems, the company's defense group, opened the office in ceremonies today, where he stressed the Boeing commitment to its vision of global leadership.

"This new office reinforces our company's commitment to Greece as a valued current and prospective customer, and to advancing a long and prosperous relationship with Greek industry," Sears said. "We look forward to expanding our presence here and to becoming an integral part of the Greek business community."

Boeing continues to build upon its history of partnership with Greece. Greek military forces operate the Boeing F-4 Phantom, AH-64A Apache helicopter, CH-47 Chinook helicopter, Harpoon anti-ship missile and shipboard Electronic Warfare systems. In addition, more than 30 Boeing commercial aircraft are in service with Greece's national airlines -- Olympic and Cronus.

The United States government and Boeing have proposed the F-15H, the world's most advanced and capable operational fighter, to Greece for its planned procurement of a new fighter. The F-15H, with its advanced mission capabilities, is based on the F-15E -- the latest model in the Eagle family and the newest aircraft in the U.S. Air Force's inventory. This multi-role fighter combines the F-15's unbeaten record of air superiority with long-range strike capabilities, providing the finest strategic deterrence fighter in the world.

In addition to operating Boeing systems, Greece has teamed with Boeing to establish successful industrial partnerships. On Oct. 5, Boeing and Hellenic Aerospace Industry (HAI) signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) in support of the F-15H offset benefits program. The MOA covers future production on Boeing programs such as the F-15 and F/A-18E/F Super Hornet, future aircraft maintenance certification and workload, and new production and maintenance capabilities. Boeing and HAI currently work together on the 757 and 777 commercial airplane programs.

"Our vast array of programs in different product sectors offers our strategic international partners, like HAI, access to a variety of existing and future aerospace markets and programs," said Sears. "Boeing is commited to being a global company, and by establishing offices and operations in international markets, securing customer participation, and developing successful industrial programs, we will fulfill our vision.

"Under the leadership of Parazynski and the entire Boeing team, we will work hard to meet the needs of our customers in Greece," Sears said.

Parazynski represented Boeing in Greece from 1975-1978 when the company was marketing airport development, air traffic control systems, airline computer systems and maintenance services in Mideast and Mediterranean countries. He joined Boeing in 1962 working on the Apollo space program and has served the company both domestically and internationally in numerous management positions in engineering and marketing. Parazynski is married and has one son, Dr. Scott E. Parazynski, who graduated from the American Community School in Athens, and was aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery during its mission last week.



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