Boeing Honors Suppliers For Quality Performance

The Boeing Company announced today that six suppliers to its Puget Sound commercial airplane operations have been honored for quality performance in 1998.

Winning this year's "President's Award for Excellence" are:

  • AlliedSignal Aerospace Equipment Systems - Toronto, Ontario
  • Flexfab, Division of Flexfab Horizons International, Hastings, Mich.
  • JAMCO Corp., Tokyo
  • Japan Aircraft Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (NIPPI), Yokohama, Japan
  • Joslyn Sunbank Co. LLC, Paso Robles, Calif.
  • Onamac Industries Inc., Everett, Wash.

Commercial Airplanes President Alan Mulally commended the honored suppliers for their support of Boeing business plan goals and their ability to add value to Boeing products in order to better satisfy airline customers.

In praising the winners, Mulally said, "This award is given to our suppliers who demonstrate excellence and who work together with us for world-class practices. These companies supply Boeing with superior service and outstanding, quality products."

Materiel Vice President and General Manager Russell Bunio added, "These companies have focused on the most important business measures of success: quality, cost, delivery and technical excellence. It is an honor to recognize these companies, their employees and all their hard work."

The Boeing Commercial Airplane Group President's Award for Excellence began in 1988.

1998 President's Award for Excellence Winners

The following companies are recipients of the 1998 President's Award for Excellence:

AlliedSignal Aerospace Equipment Systems - Toronto, Ontario. This company is honored for exemplary performance in the areas of cost, delivery, quality, technical expertise and airline support. A valued supplier for 35 years, AlliedSignal Aerospace Equipment Systems - Toronto provides specialized airplane systems for environmental control; electric power management, generation and distribution; and ice protection and detection. Despite a 50-percent growth in its business during the last three years, the company has maintained a 100-percent on-time parts delivery record. Its employees truly encompass a "working together" philosophy, enabling the company to provide a high level of customer service and satisfaction.

Flexfab, Division of Flexfab Horizons International, Hastings, Mich. Flexfab is commended for strong customer support and outstanding schedule and quality performance. A 30-year supplier of flexible hoses, ducts and connectors, Flexfab continues to maintain short lead times and high-quality ratings, even with recent increases in Boeing orders. The company is implementing Lean Manufacturing throughout its aerospace business unit and responds quickly to short-flow and new-design requests with a positive, "can-do" attitude.

JAMCO Corp., Tokyo, Japan - Boeing honors JAMCO Corp. for exceptional delivery and quality performance. This just-in-time supplier of lavatory modules for the 747, 767 and 777 has never missed a load date in seven years, despite the high variability and complexity of its product and last-minute changes by customers. The company has maintained exceptional quality performance while incorporating new comfort and safety features in its product line. Its inventory turn rates continue to be among the highest in the industry.

Japan Aircraft Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (NIPPI), Yokohama, Japan. Boeing salutes NIPPI for its perfect on-time delivery record and outstandingly consistent quality. In addition to supplying the 757 elevator and 777 nose-landing-gear door, NIPPI also provides parts to Boeing suppliers, including in-spar and wing ribs. The 20-year supplier's impressive delivery and quality record is directly attributable to its excellent management, who diligently monitor production schedules and respond promptly to all Boeing requests. The company also continually seeks ways to reduce internal costs through Lean Manufacturing, cycle-time reduction and modernization.

Joslyn Sunbank Co. LLC, Paso Robles, Calif. A supplier of electrical conduits and accessories built to Boeing specification, Joslyn Sunbank is honored for exemplary customer service, quality workmanship and on-time delivery. The company has applied the principles of Lean Manufacturing throughout its entire design and manufacturing process. This approach has allowed Joslyn Sunbank to build in quality, decrease costs and reduce lead times. Also, by designing value-added features into its parts, the company provides exceptional customer satisfaction to Boeing engineers and mechanics, and ultimately the airlines.

Onamac Industries Inc., Everett, Wash. - This supplier of spare parts for Boeing in-service airplanes is acknowledged for excellent customer service, delivery compliance and quality. A producer of small milled and turned machined parts, Onamac Industries effectively prioritizes parts shortages and "airplane-on-ground" needs to reduce lead times, meet delivery commitments and improve customer service. It has established Lean Manufacturing work cells in its factory to reduce set-up time and costs, and has installed an internal tracking system that identifies any quality discrepancies and assists in the training and education of employees.