Boeing Communications and Investor Relations Head To Retire

The Boeing Company announced today that Larry Bishop, 62, vice president of communications and investor relations, will retire Dec. 1.

"Over the past two years I've had a lot of fun putting together a communications, advertising and investors relations team for this new company," Bishop said.

"These jobs are largely done, so I feel it's time to close this chapter of my life and begin writing a new one."

"Larry has made many contributions to our company," said Condit. "He instituted very important changes in the way we communicate with our shareholders. And during the hectic merger work last year, he led the implementation of an award-winning internal and external communications plan.

"Larry has been a wonderful representative within the community for the company, serving on several outside boards and as a member of our Contributions Committee. We wish him well on an active retirement," Condit said.

Bishop joined Boeing in January 1992 as vice president of investor relations. He was named to his current position in May 1997. Bishop is a graduate of the University of Southern California and of the executive management program of Stanford University's Graduate School of Business. He is a past vice president and director of the National Investor Relations Institute. Bishop serves on the board of trustees of Seattle's Intiman Theatre Company and is president of the Central Puget Sound Council of Camp Fire Boys and Girls.

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