Boeing Prepares for Delta II Launch of Iridium Satellites

A Boeing [NYSE: BA] Delta II rocket is being readied for the launch of five Iridium satellites here on Nov. 6. The launch window opens at 5:37 a.m. PST, and spans five seconds.

This will be the eleventh Delta II launch for the Iridium system, a global wireless communication network combining the worldwide reach of 66 low-Earth orbit satellites with land-based wireless systems to enable subscribers to connect with hand-held telephones and pagers virtually anywhere in the world. Delta II rockets have successfully placed 50 satellites into orbit for the Iridium system, with ten launches between May 1997 and September 1998.

Boeing builds the Delta II rocket in Huntington Beach, Calif., while its Canoga Park, Calif., facility produces the Rocketdyne RS-27 first-stage main engine. Final assembly takes place at the Boeing facility in Pueblo, Colo. The Delta launch team at Vandenberg Air Force Base handles launch coordination and operations for Iridium missions.

Alliant Techsystems, Magna, Utah, manufactures the graphite epoxy motors for boost assist. Aerojet, Sacramento, Calif., builds the second-stage engine, and AlliedSignal, Teterboro, N.J., produces the guidance and flight control system.

The Iridium system is owned by Iridium LLC, an international consortium of 17 investor organizations representing telecommunications and industrial companies worldwide, with Motorola Satellite Communications Group serving as the prime contractor.

Iridium is a registered trademark and service mark of Iridium LCC.



EDITORS' NOTE: Media representatives wishing to cover the launch should contact the Vandenberg Air Force Base Public Affairs Office at (805) 734-8232, ext. 6-3595.

There will be a live video feed of the MS-11 launch:

Ku band transmission:

Date Window Television on Air Satellite Transponder

Nov. 6 5:37:52 a.m. PST 5:15 to 6:15 a.m. PST Telstar 5K 25

Telstar 5K / 25 is located at: 97W

Uplink Frequency: 14446.0 (Horizontal)
Downlink Frequency: 12146.0 (Vertical)

C band transmission:

Date Window Television on Air Satellite Transponder

Nov. 6 5:37:52 a.m. PST 5:15 to 06:15 a.m. PST Telstar 4C 9

Telstar 4C / 9 is located at: 89W

Uplink Frequency: 6105 (Horizontal)
Downlink Frequency: 3880 (Vertical)

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