Boeing and IBM Collaborate to Develop Mobile Wireless Communication System

Boeing and IBM announced they are collaborating to develop and produce a mobile wireless asynchronous transfer mode (ATM) system. The Boeing/IBM ATM system will allow information to flow uninterrupted between mobile platforms.

Today, when an aircraft or other mobile platform moves beyond a ground station's range, the flow of information is interrupted until another transmitter can pick up the feed. The Boeing/IBM system is the solution, enabling a continuous connection by coordinating the network links between transmitters. The signal is automatically relayed, allowing continuous global communication.

Boeing is contributing its phased array and open system architecture technologies, as well as its systems integration expertise. Key Rome Laboratory contracts, participation in Joint Warrior Interoperability Demonstration (JWID) exercises, and recent tests aboard a private 757 business jet have given Boeing the expertise and capability to design, build, test and deliver high-performance phased array hardware and software systems. Boeing has been developing advanced phased array technology for more than 10 years.

IBM has developed standards-based ATM hardware and software that provide the flexibility and growth required for mission-critical applications. IBM has invested more than $500 million to develop its award-winning ATM technology. Based on the patented, "switch-on-a-chip" PRIZMA technology, this provides the key components upon which multi-user wireless ATM is built.

Boeing and IBM will demonstrate their mobile wireless ATM vision Nov. 2-5 at the Milcom '97 trade show in Monterey, Calif.