U.S. Air Force Receives 43RD Boeing C-17 Globemaster III

The 43rd Boeing C-17 Globemaster III cargo aircraft was delivered to the U.S. Air Force in a short ceremony here today. Lt. Gen. Marvin Esmond, Deputy Chief of Staff for Air and Space Operations, HQ, U.S. Air Force, flew the aircraft to its new home at Charleston Air Force Base, S.C.

The airplane was dedicated "The Spirit of Los Angeles" in a ceremony Sept. 28 honoring the locale in which the versatile airlifter is built. Before a crowd of employees, civic leaders and school children, Boeing Vice President and General Manager for C-17 David Spong said, "I'm proud to say that this new Globemaster III was built right here in Los Angeles County where there is a proud tradition of aircraft manufacturing."

Joining Spong at the lectern, U.S. Air Force Col. Walt Crandall cited the C-17 as the "Air Force's main airlifter for the 21st century" and noted that the aircraft "represents the heritage and work ethic of the people of Los Angeles."

Speaking directly to the visiting children from Los Angeles County middle and elementary schools, Crandall added, "I hope this inspires you for your own goals. You may fly this plane some day, or travel on it, or have it be sent to help you and your family."

The Air Force is buying 120 of the advanced airlifters that are capable of intercontinental flight carrying 85 tons and landing on short, austere airfields.



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