Boeing Announces New Structure In Commercial Airplanes

The Boeing Company today announced the formation of three new business units in its Commercial Airplanes organization. The changes are part of the company's plan to restructure and realign operations to address financial- and production-performance issues within its Commercial Airplanes segment.

The three new units, which will be responsible for the company's wide range of commercial-airplane products and services, are the Single-Aisle Airplane Business Unit, Twin-Aisle Airplane Business Unit and Customer Services Business Unit.

The Single-Aisle Airplane Business Unit is responsible for all Boeing single-aisle commercial airplanes, including the 717, 737, 757 and MD-80/ -90/ -11 models.

The Twin-Aisle Airplane Business Unit is in charge of all Boeing double-aisle commercial airplanes, including the 747, 767 and 777 models.

The Customer Services Business Unit oversees customer and airline logistics support, modification and engineering services, FlightSafety Boeing Training International and Boeing Business Jets.

"To help us deliver value and quality airplanes and services to our customers with significantly improved efficiency, we will manage Commercial Airplanes' production system through these three business units" said Alan Mulally, president - Commercial Airplanes. "Our new leadership team is committed to doing our very best together to maximize the company's profitability and serve all our Boeing stakeholders - customers, employees, shareholders and communities."

The principal leadership team members for each business unit include:

  • Single-Aisle Airplane Business Unit will be led by Jim Jamieson.
    • John Hayhurst will lead the 737 Program
    • Jamieson will lead the 757 Program (acting until further notice). He also will be responsible for managing the Boeing site in Renton, Wash.
    • Dick Pearson, will lead the MD-80/ -90/ -11 Programs. He also will be responsible for managing the Boeing site in Long Beach, Calif.
    • Jim Phillips will lead the 717 Program.
    • Jack Gucker will lead the 737/757 Derivative Programs.
  • The Twin-Aisle Airplane Business Unit will be led by Jim Morris.
    • Ed Renouard will lead 747 and 767 Programs. He also will be responsible for managing the Boeing site in Everett, Wash.
    • Ron Ostrowski will lead 777 Programs.
  • The Customer Services Business Unit will be led by Tom Schick.
    • Brad Cvetovich will lead Customer Support.
    • Darce Lamb will lead Airline Logistics Support.
    • Gary Scott will lead FlightSafety Boeing Training International.
    • Joe Gullion will lead Modification and Engineering Services.
    • Borge Boeskov will lead Boeing Business Jets.

All three business units will be supported by the following people and their staffs: Scott Carson, chief financial officer, Pete Morton, People; Doug Bain, Legal, Contracts and Ethics; Sherry Mizuta, Administration; Nancy Bethel, Business Development and Communications; Liz Otis, Quality; Seddik Belyamani, Sales; Walt Gillette, Engineering and Fred Mitchell, Operations.