Boeing Delivers First 737-600 To Launch Customer SAS

The Boeing Company today delivered its first Next-Generation 737-600 to launch customer Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS).

The 737-600, marked in SAS' new livery, is scheduled to enter service Oct. 25, flying from Stockholm, Sweden to Paris. The airline currently has 55 Next-Generation 737s on order with options for 40 more.

The 737-600, which received type certification from Europe's Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA) this week and the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) last month, is the smallest of the Next-Generation family. SAS will operate its 737-600 in a spacious, dual-class configuration.

"This is a very exciting day for us," said Jack Gucker, vice president - 737/757 Derivatives. "We thank SAS for having the confidence and vision to become the launch customer of the 737-600. We know they'll be pleased with the quality, reliability and reduced operating and maintenance costs as well as the environmental benefits this airplane provides."

The Next-Generation 737 program is the most successful commercial jetliner program in history. Airlines worldwide have ordered more than 1,000 Next-Generation 737s since the program was launched in November 1993. The Next-Generation 737 builds on the strengths that have made the 737 the world's most successful airplane, while incorporating improvements designed for the 21st Century. Boeing has won more orders for the 737 family alone than the company's biggest competitor has won for its entire product line.