Heller Financial Acquires Two Boeing 737-300s

Heller Financial, a Chicago-based company that manages a portfolio of airplanes, has acquired two new 737-300s, Boeing Commercial Airplane Group announced today. Heller will take delivery of the 737s during the fourth quarter of 1998.

The airplanes were acquired through Boeing Commercial Airplane Group Aircraft Trading, which markets new and used Boeing-owned aircraft acquired through trades, lease returns and other mechanisms to customers worldwide.

"Heller Financial recognizes the value of the 737-300 as a dependable investment with solid residual values. Boeing is able to provide flexible solutions which allow Heller to receive excellent airplanes at the right time," said Toby Bright, vice president - Aircraft Trading, Boeing Commercial Airplane Group.

In the 1998 Airfinance Journal Investors' and Operators' Poll, the 737-300 was rated the number one airplane by a wide margin in both the investors' and the operators' polls. Based on investor appeal, residual value, re-marketing potential, best value for the money and operational success, the 737-300 outranked all competing airplanes for the third consecutive year.