Boeing Supports Medical Airlift To Indonesia

In response to the deep economic crisis in Indonesia, Boeing is proud to be among the American companies contributing to today's $1.73 million medical airlift.

The emergency relief effort, led by UPLIFT International, arrived today carrying a variety of medicines and medical supplies requested by recipient hospitals and coordinated through the Indonesian Ministry of Health and the World Health Organization.

Recently, Indonesia has experienced its most significant political change in more than three decades while undergoing one of the most serious economic crises to hit the country in modern times.

Most medical supplies used in Indonesia are imported, while costs have multiplied with the devaluation of the rupiah. In addition, about half of the nation's population lives in poverty, making medical treatment unaffordable.

The Boeing Company is a major supporter and benefactor of UPLIFT, a Virginia-based non-profit organization co-founded and chaired by Mark Schlansky, director - international operations at the Boeing office in Washington, D.C.

A partial list of items carried on the airplane includes insulin; drugs for cardiovascular, gastro-intestinal, respiratory and eye problems; medications for pain and emergency treatment; antibiotics; anti-parasitic preparations and surgical supplies.

The shipment arrived on a Federal Express MD-11 freighter, built at the Long Beach Division of Boeing Commercial Airplane Group. Federal Express operates the world's largest MD-11 fleet, as well as a large fleet of DC-10s - predecessor to the MD-11. Recognized as one of the premier cargo airplanes in the world, the MD-11 freighter is capable of carrying more than 90 tons of cargo.

The supplies were collected in response to an appeal by UPLIFT International and its partners, Project HOPE, the U.S.-ASEAN Business Council and the U.S. Indonesia Society. A number of U.S. companies, in addition to Boeing, have contributed cash, medical supplies, aircraft and their employees' time to the emergency relief airlift.

While Federal Express flew the supplies to Indonesia, Garuda Indonesia Airlines and Merpati Airlines donated seats and cargo space to transport volunteers and supplies throughout Indonesia.

"We are honored to be able to assist the people of Indonesia during this difficult time," said Seddik Belyamani, vice president - South Asia/Pacific, Middle East and Africa, Boeing Commercial Airplane Group. "This is an opportunity for Boeing to act on our long-term commitment to Indonesia by helping to bring medical assistance to those affected by recent events."

Boeing has a lengthy relationship with Indonesia, dating to 1982 and the signing of two mutual industrial-cooperation agreements with Industri Pesewat Terban Nusantara (IPTN). As a result, IPTN is a long time supplier of parts for Boeing jetliners. In addition, Garuda Indonesia Airlines and Merpati Airlines are operators of Boeing airplanes.