Boeing, Federal Express Launch Spare Parts Delivery Service

Boeing Commercial Airplane Group and Federal Express Corp. (FedEx) today launched "Boeing Express," an additional delivery option for aircraft spare parts customers using FedEx delivery services.

Boeing Express is an expanded and renamed service formerly known as DAC Express, which served Douglas aircraft customers. Boeing Express reflects the merger of Boeing and McDonnell Douglas and extends the benefits of the service to the operators of all 10,000 Boeing and Douglas-built aircraft in service today.

Fast, economical and convenient, Boeing Express offers spare parts delivery from any of the worldwide Boeing spares centers, directly to the customer's maintenance facilities. The service uses the global FedEx distribution network for speed and reliability and offers customers significant savings. Another benefit of the service is that a single payment covers both shipping and parts.

Typically, spare-parts customers have made their own arrangements for delivery and then issued separate payments for parts and shipping. In addition, many airlines maintained costly "just-in-case" parts inventories because of unpredictable delivery schedules.

"By specifying Boeing Express when ordering spare parts, our customers can save money, reduce paperwork and get their airplanes back into service quickly," said Clyde Akiyama, Boeing director of operations for Airline Logistics Support.

"Boeing Express customers can choose any of five levels of service based on shipping priority," Akiyama noted. "All levels are discounted and all have excellent schedule reliability."

For added convenience at all service levels, Boeing provides up-to-the-minute shipment status through on-line connections with FedEx.

"In effect, Boeing Express moves our inventory closer to the customers," Akiyama said. "It is one more step in our continuing effort to help customers reduce their own inventories by relying more on ours."