Boeing Business Jet Orders Announced At Farnborough Air Show

New orders were announced today by Borge Boeskov, president - Boeing Business Jets (BBJ), at a news conference at Farnborough International '98 near London.

Six new orders for the ultra long-range executive jet - which recently completed a successful first flight - bring total announced orders to 35. As is usually the case with Boeing Business Jet announcements, customers for these six new orders are not identified.

"We're delighted with the popularity of the Boeing Business Jet. We have been selling an average of two per month since we began actively marketing the airplane, and we expect that trend to continue through the end of the year," Boeskov said. "Customers around the world are recognizing the BBJ as the ideal resource for the global business leader, with more interior space, comfort and versatility for long-range executive and VIP travel," he added.

Previously identified customers have included General Electric, PrivatAir of Switzerland, golfer Greg Norman and Boeing. The first BBJ will be owned by Boeing and will be used as a sales demonstrator and Boeing executive airplane.

The BBJ has a range of more than 6,000 nautical miles and can cruise at speeds of up to .82 Mach, equivalent to a ground speed of 550 miles per hour. The special, high-performance derivative of the 737-700 combines the size of the 737-700 fuselage (110 feet, 4 inches, 33.6 meters) with strengthened wings and the landing gear used by the larger and heavier 737-800.

The versatile interior space is nearly three times the space of the competition at a comparable price. It can be designed to serve a variety of functions. As a "flying headquarters," the BBJ can offer room for an office, hotel room, meeting facilities, and a dining room, allowing corporate teams or VIP owners to be productive and comfortable wherever their travel takes them.

The unfinished or "green" airplane sells for $33.75 million (1998$). A completely furnished and equipped BBJ will cost approximately $40 million to $45 million at delivery.

The BBJ will make its public debut at the National Business Aviation Association convention in Las Vegas, Oct. 19 -21, where Boeskov expects more orders will be announced. Delivery of the first Boeing Business Jet is scheduled for late 1998.