V-22 carries HMMWV sling load

The Osprey demonstrated it can carry the HMWWV like a helicopter, but it has the capability to carry it at much faster speeds.

V-22 aircraft 8, one of four Engineering and Manufacturing Development Ospreys in flight test here, carried a 6,500-pound HMMWV (Highly mobile multi-wheeled vehicle) using inverted V-slings at 120 knots and 60-degree nacelle angle, Aug. 27. The load remained extremely stable throughout the test evolution. The USMC helicopter support team conducted five hook-ups during the test, including operations in 12-knot cross wings.

At the Patuxent River, Md., V-22 test site, Director of Flight Test Phil Dunford pointed out that people have waited a long time for this day, to see the V-22 accomplish this external load milestone. "Like the previous external loads tests, this test went without a hitch and is a testament to the professionalism and efficiency of all those involved," he said.