The Boeing Company Farnborough '98 Briefing Schedule

The Boeing Company will participate in this year's Farnborough International Air Show. Members of the accredited media are invited to visit the Boeing Press Chalet located at Row B, No. 1 East Entrance.

Harry C. Stonecipher, president and chief operating officer of The Boeing Company, will lead a Boeing Overview press briefing at noon, Monday, Sept. 7, in the Cody Room of the SBAC Press Center.

Joining Stonecipher on Monday will be Bruce Dennis, vice president, Marketing, Boeing Commercial Airplane Group.

In addition, Boeing has scheduled several other press briefings that will be held in the Boeing Press Briefing Center, located in the Boeing Exhibit (Hall 3, No. A1), except where otherwise noted:

Monday, Sept. 7

  • 1000
    • RAH-66 Comanche: An overview of the RAH-66 Comanche demonstration/validation/prototype program and its role in the future of U.S. Army aviation. Briefing at the RAH-66 Comanche in the DoD static display area.
    • Presenter: U.S. Army, supported by Chuck Vehlow, vice president and general manager, Army Programs and Military Rotorcraft.

Tuesday, Sept. 8

  • 1000
    • The 717: Hear why the 717 is the product that regional jet operators will use as a yardstick for profitable operations. The 717-200 is an airplane bringing suppliers from around the world together to create the latest Boeing twinjet.
    • Presenter: Rolf Sellge, director, 717 Marketing.
  • 1000
    • V-22 Osprey: A status report on flight testing and the production program. Briefing in the Hendon Room of the SBAC Press Center.
    • Presenter: U.S. Marine Corps, supported by Rich Hearney, vice president, Business Development and Chuck Vehlow.
  • 1300
    • The Phantom Works: An overview of the wide range of advanced systems, technologies and processes Boeing is developing to improve the performance and lower the cost of aerospace systems.
    • Presenter: Jerry Ennis, vice president, Advanced Manufacturing, Prototyping and Produce Processes.
  • 1400
    • Boeing Business Jets: An overview of one of the newest and most successful Boeing products. The BBJ is a special high-performance derivative of the Boeing 737-700 specifically designed for corporate and VIP applications.
    • Presenter: Borge Boeskov, president, Boeing Business Jets.

Wednesday, Sept. 9

  • 1000
    • Joint Strike Fighter: An update on the assembly of the two Boeing X-32 concept demonstrator aircraft, and a look at Boeing development of the production version of the Joint Strike Fighter (Preferred Weapon System Concept).
    • Presenter: Frank Statkus, vice president and general manager, Joint Strike Fighter.
  • 1100
    • European Supplier Partnerships: A look at the company's expanding global presence and the impact the company has on the European economy.
    • Presenter: Dick James, president, Boeing Europe.
  • 1400
    • Partnering with Aero Vodochody: A look into the strategic partnership between Aero Vodochody, the Czech Republic's largest aircraft manufacturer, and Boeing Ceska, the joint venture formed by Boeing and CSA Czech Airlines.
    • Presenters: Scott White, president, Boeing Ceska; and Adam Stranak, president, Aero Vodochody.
  • 1500
    • AH-64D Apache Longbow: Discover why the U.S. Army is strongly committed to the world's finest armed helicopter.
    • Presenter: U.S. Army, supported by Marty Stieglitz, vice president, Apache Programs.

Thursday, Sept. 10

  • 1100
    • BCAG Product Overview: An overview of the Boeing Commercial Airplane Group's industry-leading commercial family of jetliners.
    • Presenter: Joe Ozimek, director, Product Marketing.
  • 1300
    • Delta Launch Vehicles: An overview of the Boeing family of Delta launch vehicles. Presenter: Tom Parkinson, director, Expendable Launch Systems.

Friday, Sept. 11

  • 1000
    • Large Aircraft Overview: An overview of the Boeing Commercial Airplane Group's view of the 747-400 and larger airplane market.
    • Presenter: Joe Ozimek, director, Product Marketing.

Some of the Boeing products that will be on static display or participating in flight demonstrations during the air show include the 777-300, C-17 Globemaster III, F/A-18 Hornet, F-15E Eagle, AH-64D Apache Longbow, RAH-66 Comanche, CH-47D Chinook, KC-10 Extender, Harpoon, SLAM ER and JDAM.

Additionally, the Boeing Exhibit will offer display areas representing the four themes of The Boeing Company at Farnborough:

  • "To Defend" featuring a reconfigurable cockpit, models, illustrations and information about Boeing programs managed by Military Aircraft and Missile Systems Group;
  • "To Fly" featuring models, illustrations and information about Boeing Commercial Airplane Group family of jetliners;
  • "To Explore" featuring models, illustrations and information about space programs such as the International Space Station, Sea Launch and the Delta family of rockets managed by Boeing Space Transportation; and
  • "To Inform" featuring models, illustrations and information about Bradley Linebacker, Airborne Early Warning and Control Systems, Avenger and other programs of Boeing Information & Communications Systems.


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