DigitalXpress And TEN-TV To Provide Distance Learning Services For Microsoft

DigitalXpress, a provider of satellite communications services, has announced that a member of its network, TEN-TV (Technology Education Network, Inc.), will broadcast sales training and other information technology-based programming to 35 of Microsoft Corporation's North American field offices.

In addition to sales training, broadcasts are to be developed for Microsoft clients, authorized technical education centers and certified solution providers who wish to learn about the company's new products directly from the product managers and engineers who build them.

The field offices also are to receive other high-tech, non-restricted content from TEN-TV.

The broadcasts' content will originate from Microsoft headquarters in Redmond, Wash., and will be encoded at the DigitalXpress operations center in St. Paul, Minn., and uplinked to satellite SBS-6. DigitalXpress' encoding and encryption system will ensure that only authorized Microsoft field offices receive the broadcasts.

"DigitalXpress is delighted to provide top-quality 'behind-the-scenes' support for Microsoft's efforts to share critical information with its field offices," said Amy Sayre, president and chief executive officer of DigitalXpress. "Our partnership with TEN-TV is an example of how DigitalXpress is helping hundreds of corporations reach their key audiences with the most efficient, cost-effective information-technology solution: satellite communications."

"Adding Microsoft to TEN-TV's growing international client list demonstrates the tremendous value we bring to any organization that must communicate information at once to employees and customers in remote locations," said Bruce Hanson, president and CEO of TEN-TV. "With DigitalXpress' superior satellite communications service, we're offering the best medium for distance learning to our members."

Prior to joining the TEN-TV network, Microsoft turned to TEN-TV to re-point 33 of its satellite dishes after the Galaxy 4 satellite failed -- and just in time for a major internal broadcast on June 15. In addition, TEN-TV, DigitalXpress and the United Artists Theatre Network broadcast Microsoft Chairman and CEO Bill Gates' introduction of Microsoft Windows 98 to thousands of people across the nation on June 25.

TEN-TV is the leading business-to-business distance-learning company serving the high-technology industries. TEN-TV combines, creates and broadcasts superior live and interactive video-based information, education and training to its global network of members. Its content providers include Bay Networks, Compaq Computer Corporation, Cisco, IBM, Lotus, Microsoft, Sun Microsystems and 3Com. Approximately 450 North American and European members receive TEN-TV's broadcasts.

DigitalXpress specializes in high-quality, low-cost satellite-to-desktop digital video, audio and data information distribution systems for the business community. The company was established through the joint efforts of Boeing Commercial Information & Communication Company, Conus Communications and Ceridian Corporation. For product information, call 1-888-591-1053 or visit

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