Hurricane Status Downgraded, Delta III Ready for Launch

Today at 8 a.m. EDT, the 45th Space Wing vice-commander downgraded the hurricane condition (HURCON) at Cape Canaveral Air Station and Patrick Air Force Base to HURCON IV.

This action is significant because it releases all range assets necessary for the Aug. 26 inaugural Boeing Delta III launch carrying the Hughes-built Galaxy X satellite for PanAmSat Corporation.

The launch team in preparation for tomorrow's launch successfully completed a second launch readiness review, at which Boeing [NYSE: BA], Hughes, PanAmSat, and the U.S. Air Force announced they were ready for launch.

The 65-minute window for this launch opens at 8:48 p.m. EDT. Galaxy X is an 8,500 pound communications satellite that will provide high quality communication services to all 50 states and the Caribbean for PanAmSat. Hughes Space and Communications Company built the satellite in El Segundo, Calif.

Delta III, the newest Boeing expendable launch vehicle, represents an evolutionary step for Boeing in developing a family of launch vehicles capable of lifting nearly all sizes of satellites into low-Earth and geosynchronous orbits.

Note to Editors:
Launch Day Activities, Aug. 26
Remote camera set up -- Meet at CCAS Pass and ID at 8 a.m.

Tower rollback -- Meet at CCAS Pass and ID at 11:30 a.m.

Launch viewing -- Meet at CCAS Pass and ID at 7 p.m.

Post-Launch Media Conference
11 a.m. the day after launch -- Radisson at the Port, Convention Center, Salon 1
Boeing will provide an overview of the Delta III inaugural flight.



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