DigitalXpress And University Of Southern California Forge Revolutionary Business-Education Partnership

DigitalXpress, a provider of satellite communications services, announced today that it will partner with the University of Southern California (USC) School of Engineering to deliver the school's graduate-degree courses to American corporations, starting this September.

DigitalXpress specializes in high-quality, low-cost satellite-to-desktop digital video, audio and data information distribution systems for the business community. The company was established through the joint efforts of Boeing Commercial Information & Communication Company, Conus Communications and Ceridian Corporation.

The alliance enables employees from companies across the United States to increase their knowledge base or earn graduate-level degrees in a broad range of engineering sciences from the convenience of their workplace. Courses are offered for the master of science degree in several disciplines and a variety of specializations within each field of study, including computer science, computer engineering, aerospace engineering, electrical engineering and systems architecture and engineering.

Interactive television courses are delivered from USC's University Park campus in Los Angeles over the DigitalXpress satellite network in one-way broadcast video and two-way interactive audio. Additional course materials are provided to complement the on-air segments. Most of the courses are taught by tenure-track faculty members.

Companies wishing to receive the USC graduate courses will be equipped with simple DigitalXpress downlink gear, consisting of a small (.9 meter) receiving antenna and a VCR-sized receiver that connects to a television or other video distribution system. Existing DigitalXpress clients can access the courses as an optional benefit of their participation in the DigitalXpress network. To ensure continuity of service, USC will continue to provide direct broadcasts to its existing clients.

Once companies have installed the DigitalXpress downlink gear, they also can take advantage of DigitalXpress services for company-specific broadcasts, including corporate communications and employee training. The functionality embedded in the DigitalXpress satellite network serves multiple purposes without requiring multiple sets of hardware or multiple vendor connections.

"We are pleased to inaugurate our business-education partnership with USC's highly acclaimed engineering school," said Joel Wright, vice president of marketing and business development for DigitalXpress. "This history-making event clearly reflects our commitment to being a leader in providing corporations with business education and communications solutions. Together, USC and DigitalXpress will help change forever the way corporate employees stay at the leading edge of their disciplines through continuous learning."

"USC has been delivering engineering courses to corporations in Southern California via microwave for 26 years," said Leonard Silverman, dean of the USC School of Engineering. "The partnership with DigitalXpress now gives us the opportunity to offer advanced continuing technical education and degrees to a national audience.

"Earning a degree through our program typically leads to significant career enhancement. With DigitalXpress, we now can offer the same high-quality educational opportunities that our existing corporate students in Southern California and Arizona receive. We are enthusiastic about this new business-education partnership and are eager to send our courses nationwide."

Companies interested in bringing USC School of Engineering graduate degree programming to their workplace should contact DigitalXpress toll-free at 888-591-1053.